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1. How long have you been in business?
I have been in business for approximately 16 years.

2. Are you interested in the smaller projects such as additions, decks, patios, renovations etc.?
Yes. I have completed many additions, built many decks and patios as well have taken on many renovations that required the demolish portion as well as the building of the new.

3. Who is it I deal with onsite if I have hired A.M Contracting for a project?
I am always the one in contact with the client and I will also be the one onsite to not only work with the client but also with the trades required to finish any project.

4. How long has your crew been working with you?
My current crew has been with me for approximately eight years.

5. How far outside of your local Collingwood/Meaford area do you travel for a project?
I travelled as far as Toronto to the east and Guelph to the west and Port Carling to the north.

6. Have you ever left a project in its midst?
No, I have never left a project “not finished”.

7. Do you have a require clientele that you have continued to service after a major project?
Yes. I have several clients that call back on a regular basis for additional/new work.

8. How or do you support your local community?
The Meaford high school requires assistance from employers within the area in order to support their Co-op Program. I do accept a student and they usually work with me for a period of three months.
I am the sponsor for the local Pee-Wee Rep team and a men’s house league team.
As well, i have accepted many requests and completed smaller projects such as advertising boards, signage, etc. in a voluntary capacity.

9. How do you get most of your work?
It is usually by “word of mouth” and from there a showing of my portfolio.

10. How and when do you offer your input towards a project in progress?
Most times I am asked for my input. My answer will be a combination of the client’s lifestyle, their likes and dislikes and their budget. Between them and me we will come to a decision that best suits the situation at hand.